What to do if a dog or cat bites and information about its treatment.

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Cats or dogs can attack people for many reasons, so the dog is not crazy or infected with rabies. Unnecessary animals should not be annoyed, killed, mother dogs should not be disturbed. Some first aid should be taken in case of accidental bite or scratch.

  • First stop the bleeding by holding the bite site with a clean cloth or towel.
  • Then thoroughly wash the place with soap (Detergent / Povidone Iodine). Pour water for at least 15 minutes to reduce the presence of germs.
  • Vaccinated dogs and cats do not need to be vaccinated if they are bitten or scratched. But dogs and cats that eat raw fish or catch prey have germs in their teeth, saliva and nails, and if you have low levels of diabetes and immunity, the area will become infected. So you have to wash with soap and apply antibiotic ointment. You can get tetanus vaccine from any pharmacy if needed.
  • Rabies is usually seen in dogs, very few cats are infected with rabies. It is mainly spread through the saliva of infected animals. If the animal is infected with rabies, it will salivate with its mouth, bite everyone, try to drink water but cannot eat, and will die within 3-6 days of the onset of symptoms. So if you are bitten by a street dog, cat, badger or badger, you should get the anti-rabies vaccine within 48 hours without delay.

Where to give the vaccine:
Human Vaccine: If you are bitten by a dog, you can go to “Mohakhali Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dhaka” (6 storey building near Mohakhali Railgate), here you can officially get Anti Rabies Vaccine by buying a ticket for only 10 rupees, you have to give 4 doses Its term is up to 5 years. Give another injection which is given at the place of bite, it has to be bought from the pharmacy costing 1500-2000 rupees. If necessary, give other medicines with the doctor.

Vaccines for dogs and cats: Rabies can infect another animal or person with the bite of an infected animal, so vaccinate your pet before you get infected with rabies. It costs 300-500 rupees. The vaccine is available at any veterinarian.

Dogs and cats like human companions a lot and easily mean pets. They do not harm people easily, but they often bite and scratch to save themselves. So killing them is not the solution, vaccinate pets as well as street dogs and cats, stay safe.

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