Symptoms of worms in cat and what activity should be taken.

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Worms are one of the internal parasites of cats. Too many worms is bad for a cat’s health. Cats are basically four types of worms.

  1. Roundworm: The most well-known parasite of cats is the roundworm. They live in the stomach of cats. Both kittens and adult cats are worms. It is called round cream because it is round. They are 3-4 inches long. The eggs of these worms are covered by hard shells so they can live in the soil for 6 months to 1 year.


  1. Hookworm: Hookworm is much smaller than roundworm. It is only 1-2 inches long. They live in the small intestine of cats. Because they only survive by eating animal blood. They pose a threat to cats and cause severe anemia. These worms are more common in cats than in dogs.
  2. Tapeworm: The long and flat Tapeworm is a type of divided parasite. Their bodies are divided into segments and are 4-26 inches in length. It causes vomiting and weight loss. Tapeworm splits which look like rice and when infected can be seen sticking to the cat’s fur and tail.
  3. Lungworm: Cats live in the lungs. These worms cause the cat to have difficulty breathing and cough. Cats that travel outside and eat prey are more susceptible to these worms.

Causes of worms:

If there are worms in the body, the cat gets sick and therefore it is very important to prevent it. There can be worms for various reasons. E.g.

By eating worm-infested soil and trees.
Through worm-laden stools.
If the cat has a flea and it goes into the stomach.
If the mother cat has worms, then the children get worms by drinking its milk.
It is eaten by rats and birds.
So the cat has to take special care so that there are no worms. Care should be taken not to eat raw meat, soil, try to keep flea free and take worm medicine regularly.

Symptoms of worms:

External parasites such as Tick and Flea we see. But worms do not easily catch the eye, causing physical illness in cats from inside the body. If it is a worm in a cat, it can be understood by looking at some of the symptoms. If you look at the following symptoms, you will understand that there are worms –

Cats have diarrhea.
Worms can be seen in the anus and near the anus.
The cat repeatedly licks the anus.
Does not want to eat food, is distasteful.
Swelling of the abdomen.
There is weightlessness and constipation.
After vomiting with worms and coughing.
Seeing these symptoms, it is understood that the cat has worms. Then the cat should be given deworming.
If the cat is more than 2 months old, then Delentin syrup should be given in 1ml for 2 consecutive days. However, if the weight is less than the age, 0.60 ml should be fed. This drug only eliminates roundworms.

In addition, Helminticide-L (Deworming Tablet for Pet) must be taken by weight according to Vet’s advice. This drug eliminates all types of worms.

However, you should always take the medicine as advised by Vet. Therefore, according to Vet’s advice, if the cat is dewormed every three months, the cat will be free from worms.

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