Ways to bath the cats.

Ways to bath the cats. (Buyontheway)

Cats are naturally clean animals and stay away from dirt. They like to lick themselves clean which is called natural grooming. It is better to bathe the cat at home 1-2 times a month. If you are under 2 months of age, it is better not to take a bath. Cats do not like to bathe and are often afraid of water. So there are some rules for bathing them. Before bath 1) Scrub well before bathing so that the insects and loose hairs fall off because it is difficult to separate them when wet. 2) If there is any pain, wound, thorn in the body, it should be checked. Because applying shampoo on the wound is harmful. 3) At this time the cat’s ears should be cleaned. However, the inside cannot be cleaned much. 4) Then give the cat some time to calm down. Bathing method- First take the cat in a bowl and gently pour lukewarm water on it (cat’s skin is very soft so using more hot water is harmful). They get scared when water suddenly comes on them so they have to pour it slowly. Care should be taken not to splash water in the mouth and not to get water in the ears. Then shampoo with both hands and apply it all over the body. Then gently pour water and wash the foam. Wash well so that there is no foam. If there is foam, they may itch later. Wipe the whole body well with a dry towel and take it to the sun for quick drying. It can also be dried with a hair dryer, but the sound can scare your cat and scratch your hand. So hair dryer should be used carefully. It is better not to take a bath in winter as it can cause fever in cats. Many cats stay calm while bathing, while some cats become very restless. If bathing becomes impossible, wipe with a damp cloth and use spray and powder to repel insects.

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