Caring for a mother cat and kittens

Caring for a mother cat and kittens (Buyontheway)

When a cat gives birth to small beautiful kittens, they want a little safe place, regular food and a little love. Whether she is a stray cat or a cat at home, she needs a little extra care to raise the baby healthy. Fortunately, mother cats do not need much human help. But you must take care of her from his side.
Bedding for mothers and babies should be made in a safe place on one side of the house, away from the noise of people. Spread some soft cloth in a box, basket or inside a large cage. At this time they do not like the presence of people and suffer from insecurity. If they do not like the place, the mother cat goes to another place with the children in her mouth. If it is winter, it should be kept in a warm place inside the house. If there are other cats in the house at this time, they should be kept in a separate room.

At this time the mother cat can travel very easily and should be given food, water and litter box in a nearby place. In 2-3 days his food intake increased 4 times. During this time he should be given adequate amount of Cat Wet Food, Cat Dry Food, fish, meat and adequate amount of water. Children are healthier and healthier when they eat nutritious and large amounts of food. So the mother cat is very busy so she has to be fed very close.
Babies eat only breast milk for the first 3-4 weeks and get plenty of sleep. At this time the mother cat takes care of the children every 1-3 hours. The kids then do pee and poop very rarely. However, after 1-2 days they have to clean the bed. At the age of 4 weeks they start eating solid food on their own, then they can go to the litter box and use the litter on their own.
Note –
Ma If the cat is mated within 1-2 weeks after having a baby, it can become pregnant again. So the boy has to keep him away from the cat.
থাকলে If a kitten has Tick & Flea on its body, it quickly becomes anemic and gets infected. So mother cats and babies need to be kept Tick & Flea free.
• All children need to be aware of how they are growing up. Many cats suffer from malnutrition and do not grow up equally, so they must be taken to a vet.

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