What Are Cat Ear Mites & Treatment

Cat Ear Mites (Buyontheway)

Ear mites are pinhead-shaped and look like spiders, a type of parasite that lives on the surface of the skin. They mainly like to live in the skin of the ear folds / holes. Highly contagious, these mites quickly spread from one part of the cat’s body to another. Kittens have the highest risk of ear mites, but they are also more common in adult cats than in the ears of bong dogs. Ear MitesI Cat I Dog I Pet I Katabon Online Ear Mites Ear mites feed on cat skin flakes, wax, dirt, and liquid cells, and breed in a warm, humid environment inside the ear. It takes about three weeks for their eggs to hatch in this environment. Mites cause excessive pain in the cat’s ear, causing the cat to scratch the ear to get rid of the painful condition, which can lead to infections, including skin and ear damage. If mites are not treated properly, they can permanently damage cat ears. Symptoms: (Ear Mites Symptoms) Ear mites are extremely uncomfortable; Parasites like these spiders survive their entire life cycle inside the cat’s ear. It is not possible to see mites with the naked eye, but your cat’s ear mites have a lot of signals. The most common symptoms of cat ear mites include: Frequent ear itching Trauma due to excess scratching The head is shaking The strong smell Reddish / brown discharge in the ears twitching Further damage caused by scratching a cat’s ear: Scratch marks Bleeding from the ear as a result of scratching Redness and swelling of the ear flaps Ear damage can occur if the infection is present for a long time. Ear damage can cause ear infections due to thickening of the skin, oral hematoma or scratching. Ear infections are painful and can cause deafness in cats if left untreated. If you have any doubts about whether your cat has Ear Mites, take your cat to the vet immediately. How to treat ear mites at home? (How Do I Treat Ear Mites at Home?) The first step in treating mites at home is to clean the ears thoroughly. If you haven’t cleaned a cat’s ear before, you can follow the steps below. Can keep a helper if needed. Ear Cleaning Steps Select a place to clean the ears. Keep a towel to help with cleaning. Use vet approved lotions or liquid drops like Versele-Laga Ear Cleaner Lotion / Wipes, COCO Kat Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats to clean the ears. Gently hold the cat’s ear and pour a small amount of Ear cleaner into the ear canal. Massage at the base of the ear. You will hear a “squishy” sound. Leave your ears and give your cat a chance to shake its head. Now use a tissue / towel to clean the ear. Avoid forcibly cleaning any dirt from the ear folds. Clean the other ear in the same way. You need to repeat this process a few times to clean the ears completely. If it is difficult to remove dirt from the ears, you can clean the ears very carefully using a cotton-tipped swab. This can help you reach the hard spots but make sure you always see the head of the cotton bud. Avoid pushing it too deep. Otherwise your cat’s ears may burst. Once your cat’s ears are clean, apply an anti-mite medication such as Eradimite or Otomite. In addition to treating the ear, you can also use Frontline Tick & Flea Spray or Freedom Tick & Flea Spray to get rid of other parasites (Louse, Tick & Flea) in your cat’s body. If home treatment does not work, seek the help of a vet and get proper treatment before all other cats / dogs in the home show symptoms.

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