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Cat Flu is a deadly contagious disease of cats Cat flu is one of the most common cats. It is a type of viral infection that spreads to the respiratory tract. Baby cats, big cats, older cats, cats of all ages can have this disease, but it is very deadly for baby cats. Cat Flu is caused by Feline Herpes Virus-1 (FHV-1) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV) viruses. The most harmful thing is that Cat Flu spreads very fast from one cat to another but this fever is not transmitted to humans. Symptoms of Cat Flu caused by Feline Herpes Virus-1 (FHV-1): 1) The virus attacks the cat’s eye membrane. The eyes become white, swollen and red and pus accumulates in the eyes. Occasionally there is an ulcer in the cornea. 2) Cat Flu reduces the sense of smell in cats. The main symptom is frequent sneezing. Liquid-like substances come out through the nose and over time it becomes thick and green. 3) The normal temperature of a cat is 100.46 to 102.56 Fahrenheit. In case of fever, the temperature rises a lot. Cats stop eating. Many times they become dehydrated due to not drinking enough water. 4) Pregnant kittens can be lost. And when the baby is born, there is a risk of having children from the mother cat. Symptoms of Cat Flu caused by Feline Calicivirus (FCV): 1) Cat’s mouth, tongue, lips, nose tip or sores. Cat Flu also causes sores on the gums. Many times saliva falls. 2) When the cat gets cold, water starts dripping from the nose and eyes. 3) Cats may or may not have a fever. But he can’t eat anything because of the sores on his face. Cats do not want to eat anything because of pain while eating. Over time, that is likely to increase. 4) The cat starts to dig because of the pain in the bones. Can’t walk with one foot in front first, then with two legs. The paw or soles of the feet are sore. Cat Flu Treatment: There is no cure for cat flu. It can be prevented only by giving the vaccine at the right time. Almost all vets in Bangladesh are vaccinated. So after the age of three months, the cat must be vaccinated. However, if you see these symptoms, you must take them to the doctor and take antibiotics. Many cats die from this disease. In many cases, the cat recovers on its own. Cat Flu Cat Care: The disease is much more in winter. At this time the cat can not be bathed in cold water. If you are infected with this disease, you have to take a lot of care of the cat and get adequate rest. He should be kept in a warm place away from cold. Cover with warm cloth or blanket. Warm foods, chicken soup, saline, glucose, water, etc. should be eaten. At this time the cat will not want to eat but should be fed little by little so that he does not become dehydrated and weak. Medication should be taken on time as per the doctor’s advice and regular contact with the doctor should be maintained. If there is another cat in the house, it must be kept in a separate place as it is a contagious disease. Cat flu virus is spread through the saliva and sneezes of sick cats. So you have to separate the litter box and the food bowl. In order to prevent the spread of Cat Flu in other cats, the sick cat should be washed with Dettol or Savlon. Many cats die of cat flu every year. So keep your darling cat away from all kinds of diseases with regular care and vaccination.

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