Winter care of cats

God has given every animal the ability to withstand the heat. But it is more or less. Cats and humans can tolerate cold or heat, but they must be in moderation. In winter, the disease is more prevalent in all animals. So taking care of cats in winter is a little different. 1. The first care is to vaccinate your cat before winter. 2. Cats should always be kept in the room during the onset of winter. So that the temperature variation is not high. Because if you bring it out, if it is cold in the room, it is less cold. 3. Cats need to use warm clothes or readymade bedding in their sleeping or resting place. 4. Cats should never be given hot or cold water. Always give normal water for food. 5. Need to provide food like quantity. . Worm medicine should be taken. . The cat’s window or balcony should be fenced with net. . Use good litter and litter boxes for toilet urination and clean regularly. 9. Eating habits cannot be changed suddenly. 10. Excessive amount of packaged food cannot be fed. 11. Must take bath twice a month. 12. If possible, arrange a little rest in the winter morning sun. 13. Some vitamins and minerals need to be provided in winter. * Above all, if there is any problem, you must consult a veterinarian and take necessary measures and treatment.

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