According to what basis should food selection be made for puppies?

According to what basis should food selection be made for puppies(Buuyontheway)

The choice of puppy food is very important for the development of dogs. The diet of puppies will vary according to small breed and large breed dog breeds. Puppies that start to eat food after the mother’s milk feeding period continue their development rapidly. Puppies need to follow a good nutrition plan in order to have strong teeth, muscles and bones when their development is complete.

Suggestions for Puppy Food

Puppy food varieties are available on the market to suit any dog ​​diet. When choosing food for your puppy, you will need to make a selection based on your dog’s size. The choice of food for puppies is different for large breeds and small breeds. For small breed puppies you should use puppy food specially developed for small breeds. For large breed puppies, a specially developed dog food for large breeds should be used.

You can consult your veterinarian for puppy food recommendations . Your veterinarian will be aware of the current dog foods on the market and will assist you in offering the best option for your puppy. The food of puppies should be of high quality foods and their nutritional value should be high. Foods with high nutritional values ​​also have higher nutrient density. High-density puppy food should be given in small amounts as a meal, as recommended by your veterinarian.

If dog owners who are looking for puppy food suggestions cannot choose between dry food and wet food, they should mix the two foods. Dry food has an important advantage for dental health and dental hygiene, as it is a hard food that allows the teeth to work actively. However, wet food is the number one choice of dogs with its high nutritional value and irresistible taste. As a dog owner, when creating a suitable and balanced diet for your dog, mixing dry food with wet food to moisten it will be a great meal for your puppy.

Is Puppy Food Made At Home?

Some dog owners may not want to feed their dogs prepackaged dog foods. In this case, they will have to spend extra effort on feeding their dogs. Creating and maintaining a well-balanced meal for dogs is not an easy task.

When creating the most suitable nutritional meal for your puppy, you can regularly turn to different protein sources. Different protein sources can provide a variety of flavors for your dog, as well as beneficial for their development. If you have incomplete information about your puppy’s nutrition, you can consult your veterinarian for homemade dog food recipes. Homemade dog foods should be prepared fresh for meals and should not be stored in the refrigerator for long periods of time. As the nutritional content continues to develop in your dog’s home food recipe, their proportions will increase and the number of meals will decrease. The balanced and regular diet of dogs is closely related to the reduction of meals as dogs grow. While your dog is developing and growing, he will not need frequent meals as he used to.

The puppy food recipe can be made in many different options. If your dog is not picky, you can be lucky in this regard and you can be more free in food recipes. However, if your dog is picky, you will need to identify the types of protein he likes and add them to his meals.

Puppy food needs to have a proper balance of protein, fat and calories. Foods designed to support growth are ideal for puppies. Puppy food should also contain the ideal amount of vitamins and minerals. When you start a home made diet for puppy food training , you need to make sure that you are getting everything your puppy needs to be healthy. Veterinary nutritionists will help you to create a homemade food / diet program.

Transition from Mother’s Milk to Dry Food in Puppies

Puppies can start to eat dry food when they are 6-7 weeks old on average after weaning from mother’s milk. The transition from breast milk to puppy food is not a difficult process for dogs. Most dogs begin to eat the food placed in front of them comfortably. Puppies first smell the food and then start eating. In order for puppies to eat dry food without difficulty, you may need to moisten the dry food a little. However, if the dog eats dry food easily, you don’t need to do this.

Dog owners should make their food preference for quality foods when it comes to training puppy food . If you choose first-class dry food and canned food, you will not have to worry about your puppy’s malnutrition. During the puppy dry food acclimation period, the dogs should be fed with meals at different frequencies and at different rates according to their developmental processes. For this reason, you need to closely monitor your dog’s development.

How should the food change in puppies be?

Food changes in puppies can happen for many reasons. Your veterinarian may prescribe a new diet for your dog as a result of the examination, or you may want to switch to a different brand. If your dog is a picky dog, his dislike of the food he consumes is also shown as a reason for food changes. Food changes in dogs should not be made abruptly, regardless of the reason. If you do not want your puppy to have stomach problems, you will need to follow the food exchange program.

Sudden dietary changes in the process of switching to new food can cause gastrointestinal disorders such as decreased appetite, vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. In order for your dog not to experience discomfort as a result of the food change, you will need to switch to the new food gradually, without haste. The dog food change process is ideally carried out between 5-7 days. In the food exchange program, the rate of new food is gradually increased from the first day. The ideal food transition schedule for puppies is as follows:

  • Day: u old diet, % new diet
  • Day: P old diet, P new diet
  • Day: % old diet, u new diet
  • Day: 0 new diets

Food changes are not as simple as putting a new food in a bowl. Sudden food changes can cause digestive problems in dogs. When creating a puppy food order , you should avoid giving your dog different additional nutrients during the food change process. If diarrhea occurs in your puppy’s stool in the food exchange program, you can extend the change process for more than 7 days. You can continue to gradually increase the rate of new food after stool returns to normal.

Considerations in Feeding Puppies

The daily amount of food for the puppy should be sufficient for their development. The amount of food for puppies varies according to the size of the pup and whether it is a small / large breed. If you do not know how to adjust the frequency of meals so that your dog can have a balanced and regular diet, you can consult a veterinary nutritionist.

Things to consider when choosing puppy food will be closely related to your dog’s health. You may need to switch to medically special diets for your dog. For this reason, you may need to use special dog foods with the advice of your veterinarian in heart disease, diabetes and other serious ailments.

Vitamin and mineral supplements should be at the right levels in the diet of puppies. Extra calcium and vitamins for dogs do more harm than good. During a healthy diet, your puppy should always have clean and fresh water.

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