Care of cats in winter

Winter care of cats (Buyontheway)

Most cats prefer to sleep on people’s laps or snuggles. The main reason for this is that cats like warm places. Many cats are often seen basking in the sun in search of warmth during the winter. The adult and mother cat take the cubs and seek the warmth of the house. Even though cats have more hair on their bodies, they are colder. During this time, the cat is seen to be more sick. So your pet cat needs some extra care in winter.

  1. Soft and warm bed:
    Cats naturally love to sleep. And in winter they want a soft and warm bed to sleep on. These days cat beds or cat houses are available to buy separately for cats. Make a favorite bed for him in the corner of the room or let him sleep on the blanket with you. By this he will sleep comfortably and will not suffer from cold.
  2. Sunbath:
    Let the cat sunbathe. Open the curtains on the side of the room that receives the sun during the day so that the sun can enter the room. Cats love the warmth of sunlight.
  3. Cat food:
    Care must be taken whether the cat is eating properly. Cats should be fed their age-appropriate diet or cat food to ensure they get the right amount of calories. Increase or decrease food if necessary. The cold food in the refrigerator should be warmed up, giving the cold food directly can cause the cat to catch a cold and develop a fever.
  4. Bathing or Grooming:
    Cats are clean animals by nature and do not like water. It is better not to bathe the cat in winter, it can lead to fever and pneumonia. If necessary, take a bath with lukewarm water and dry well with a towel. If necessary, dry it with a hair dryer and keep it in a warm place.
  5. Activity and Sports:
    All animals feel a little sluggish during winter. Cats sleep relatively more at this time. So you have to play with him for a little time every day and make sure that his activity is correct.
  6. Garage or Basement Not Safe:
    If your cat goes outside regularly, put a net now to prevent it from going outside. In winter, cats find warm places and sleep under the car or on the wheels to get warm from the car engine in the garage. This can lead to accidental accidents or burns to any part of the body due to excessive heat.
  7. Necessary treatment and vaccinations should be given:
    Cats should be vaccinated before winter to prevent disease. In addition, fever, cough should be taken to the nearest vet as soon as possible.

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