How do you know if your/my cat is happy?

If you see your cat meowing along with you, it’s a great sign. If the cat meows immediately, it is a sign that they are happy. You can easily understand how a cat is feeling by noticing some of the things a cat uses. Here we will learn about some of the habits of cats that will tell us how is the health of our beloved cat.
Playing: Cats that are happy usually like to play with toys, other cats, and even people. On the other hand, cats who are unhappy tend to hide or isolate themselves from people.
Eating regularly: Cats that are happy have regular hunger pangs and like to eat regularly.
Using the Litter Box: If your cat is reluctant to use the litter box, it means that he is not really well or is sick. Cats want to let people know that they are not well by making their sickness out of their toilet litter boxes.