What is Shabba Meraj and why?

What is Shabba Meraj and why (Buyontheway)

Shabe Meraj is a Persian word. Shab means night and meraj means ascent or ascension. In Arabic this night is called ‘Lailatul Meraj’ the glorious Rajni. On this night, by the command of Allah Almighty, the owner of the sovereign power of the world and the hereafter, the beloved prophet and messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad SAW. Traveled to the upper world.
What is Shabba Meraj and why?
Mufti Abdullah Tamim
One of the important signs of Islam is Shabbat Meraj. Hazrat Muhammad SAW. On the night of Meraj, the Almighty met Allah Ta’ala. He brought for his ummah the blessed obligatory worship of five times a day.
Allah Rabbul Alamin says in the Qur’an, He is the Most Holy and Glorious Being, who made His servant travel by night from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa. All around whom I have bestowed sufficient blessings. So that I may show him some signs of power. Surely He is the All-Hearer and All-Seeer. (Surah Bani Israel-1)
‘Isra’ means to take at night. In the verse, the journey from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa is called Isra. And the journey from there to the sky, that’s meraj. In this verse, ‘Isra’ and Meraj are proved through Quran and Hadith.
There is disagreement about which night of the day is the night of Meraj. There are many ways. Hafez Ibn Hajar Askalani. “Fathul Barite 7/260” said, “There are more than ten opinions about Shaba Meraj Kabe”.
What month? There are seven types including Rabiul Awal, Rabiul Akher, Rajab, Ramadan, Shawwal, Zilqad and Zilhaj. (Al-Bidaya wan Nihaya 3/109, Al-Mawahibul Ladunniyyah, 1/273-75) The most popular opinion is that this miracle happened on the night of the 27th day of the month of Rajab.
On this night, you can worship Allah and recite the Qur’an from waking up, reciting more blessings, and performing nafal prayers. Because on this night the great God the great prophet. Through this, prayers are obligatory for the Ummah.
Nabi Karim sa. He said, on the Day of Resurrection, the first prayer will be counted. Therefore, the more Nafal prayers can be performed after keeping the obligatory prayers, the easier it will be to find a place under the shade of Allah’s mercy. According to accepted opinion, the Holy Prophet first went to Baitul Muqaddas from the Holy Haram Sharif on the 27th night of the Arabic month of Rajab. There he led all the Prophets in two rakat prayers.
Later, Hazrat Jibril a. Take him to the sky via the special vehicle Borak. Through Sidratul Muntaha, he met Allah Ta’ala on Arshe Azim, which is known as the Night of Meraj.

This night, the Holy Prophet saw heaven and hell with his own eyes. On the night of Meraj, through the Holy Prophet, Allah Almighty gave five times prayer for His servants.

Teachings of Shabbat Meraz
Hazrat Muhammad sa. Traveling to the upper world has many lessons for the Ummah. Five times prayer. These five prayers are equal to 50 prayers in terms of merit. This is proved by the events of the night of Meraj.
The last two verses of Surah Baqarah were revealed in Meraj. In these verses, Allah’s infinite mercy and favor towards the Ummah Muhammad is revealed. Meraj has been given the good news of forgiveness for those who have never committed shirk among the Ummah Muhammad. The ‘Attahiyatu’ recited in Namaz is also a gift of Meraj.
Messenger of Allah After returning from Meraj, he presented 14 points to the people through verses 22 to 37 of Surah Bani Israel.

  1. Do not associate anyone with Allah, then you will be condemned and helpless. And worship only Allah (Surah Bani Israel 22) 2. Treat your parents well. If one or both of them come before you in old age, do not even utter the word Uh to them. Do not answer them in a tone of rebuke; Instead, talk to them with dignity. And be humble before them and keep supplicating – ‘O my Lord, nurture them as they nurtured us in childhood (Surah Bani Israel 23-24).
  2. Repent to Allah for your deeds, then Allah will forgive your sins. Surely Allah knows what is in your hearts (Surah Bani Israel 25).
  3. Give to relatives their rights and demand the rights of the poor and the traveler (Surah Bani Israel 26).
  4. Do not waste, surely the wasteful is the brother of Satan, and Satan is ungrateful to his Lord (Surah Bani Israel 27).
  5. If you are unable to give the rights of the rightful ones, then speak to them very humbly (Surah Bani Isra’il 28).
  6. Don’t be reckless in spending, and don’t be stingy either. Allah increases sustenance for whom He wills, and reduces it for whom He wills (Surah Bani Israel, verses 29-30).
  7. Do not kill children for fear of poverty. Surely this is a great sin (Surah Bani Israel 31).
  8. Do not even approach adultery. Indeed, it is a detestable and grievous deed (Surah Bani Israel 32). 10. Do not kill any life unjustly. If someone is killed unjustly, We have given this right to his heir (he can ask for blood exchange if he wants), but he should not overdo it in revenge (Surah Bani Israel, verse 33).
  9. Do not go near the orphan’s wealth. Wait until he reaches adulthood regarding wealth and be aware of commitments. Surely the promise will be asked (Surah Bani Israel 34). 12. When measuring, measure and weigh in the correct scale. This is the best way and its results are good. (Surah Bani Israel 35).
  10. Don’t pursue things you don’t know about. Surely the eyes, the ears, the heart will be questioned (Surah Bani Israel 36). 14. Do not walk proudly on the ground. You never cracked the ground

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