Going home with pets on Eid? Be sure to take care of these things

Many people also take their pets with them on the Eid trip. If there is no opportunity to leave the pet in someone else’s care for a few days of vacation, there is no other option but to take it with you. However, chances are that this journey will not be very comfortable for your pet. The hot weather, loud noises and heavy crowds can make this journey terrifying for him. If you want to travel with pets, you should take care of some things, said Dr. Dr. Biswas Veterinary Clinic of the capital. Sushya Biswas

Ensure relief

Try to avoid overheating and excessive noise. Place the pet in the most comfortable position. Don’t put it in a basket and put it at your feet. Arrange major careers. Place the carrier on the seat next to you. Do not carry with luggage. Inform the authorities in advance about keeping pets with you when traveling by plane. You don’t get excited if someone harasses the animal in the vehicle. The animal will be more afraid of heated arguments; Instead, coldly request the person not to do so.

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling with pets
Things to keep in mind when traveling with pets Model: Moushumi Mou Photo: Suman Yusuf
Health in summer

Many animals get sick in summer. There is even a risk of heatstroke. You can travel early in the morning or at night. He will get some relief. In addition, the pet’s head and body should be touched occasionally; If the head or body becomes hot, wipe it with water. Rabbits are more prone to heatstroke than other animals. So repeatedly touch the head and body of the rabbit.


Air-conditioned vehicles are best for any animal. But it is better to keep the animal in a seat that does not get direct AC air. Do not cover her carrier with cloth, but ensure natural ventilation. If an air-conditioned vehicle is not available, keep a cold water bottle wrapped in a cotton cloth inside his carrier, changing the bottle at intervals. Keep a small battery-operated fan with you, so that he does not suffer. If traveling by car, fasten his carrier well with seat belt.

Many people also take their pets with them on the Eid trip
Many people also take their pets along with them on the Eid trip. Model: Mousumi Mou, Photo: Suman Yusuf
Journey preparation and departure

Provide quality pet carriers. Even if the mouth of a normal plastic basket is tied, the animal may lift the mouth of the basket slightly. In such a situation, any part of his body gets stuck between the basket and the mouth of the basket and an accident may occur. You can fit Leash/Harness to their body and the part of arm/hand put out side of the case/carrier’s door.

Finish feeding the pet an hour and a half before departure. But do not feed too much food. It may cause vomiting during the journey.

Place pet food and water bowls inside the carrier. Allow food and water during the journey. But empty the water container while the vehicle is running. Place his litter box on one side of the carrier. If the litter gets wet, it should be changed during the journey. Therefore, you should also carry extra litter packets and litter scoops during the journey.

In long journeys, breaks should be given every two to three hours. So it is better to arrange private transport for long journeys. However, take the pet out of the carrier if there is a break in any vehicle. Give it a chance to indulge. When taking him out of the carrier, he must wear a belt or harness. If not, he may panic.

If the pet has ever been sick or weak or overexcited during the journey, consult a veterinarian before the journey.

For any animal, you can find out the dose of anti-vomiting medicine from the doctor.

Do not sedate the animal to keep it calm; Rather, you can give vitamin C on the day before the journey, the day of the journey and the day after the journey as per the advice of the doctor.

The cat is very scared. The day before the trip you can put food, water and litter inside the carrier in a small room and get him used to it. You stay with him in that small room. Keep catnip in the carrier to keep him calm on the trip.

To ensure the animal’s comfort, be prepared to spend the journey without sleeping.

Things you will need Adjustable Leash/Harness, pet carriers, Portable pet water feeder

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