What to do to stay healthy during Eid

This Eid is in the last week of Chaitra. It has rained in the past few weeks; A whole morning seemed to fly away that day in the gust of wind. However, the sun of Chaitra has spread its intensity in all this. During Eid, there will be fun, eating and roaming. However, it should not be forgotten that the joy of Eid can be ruined by eating and drinking in hot weather.

Festivals are not about fancy food or fancy clothes. It is inappropriate to suddenly eat various heavy meals instead of the long routine of the holy month of Ramadan. Instead, keep easily digestible food in the Eid food list. Eat cold food in hot weather. It is better to eat seasonal fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Any cooked food should not be left out for too long. Avoid consuming unhealthy food and drinks when going out. Friends and relatives can go to each other’s house and hang out without having to travel too much in summer. Some precautions should be taken even during the time that one has to stay outside the house. This is what Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s associate professor of medicine said. Shahnoor Sharmin.

Like this time of food

Shampa Sharmin Khan, associate professor of food and nutrition science department of Government College of Applied Human Sciences in Dhaka, gave the details of the food. The joy of Eid can be filled with food cooked with less oil and less spices. You can make various drinks at home. Drinks are also a great tool for entertaining guests. You can make sour curd or sweet curd sticks. Jirapani, can make fruit juice. For everyone, a drink made with simple ingredients like mint leaves or coriander leaves is great for anyone who has trouble drinking water. Avoid soft drinks, packaged drinks or packaged powdered drinks.

Shampa Sharmin Khan advised to take care of these things too –

**Use soybean oil instead of ghee in Polao cooking. If you want to use ghee, just spread it on top, that too sparingly.

**You can do some padas with olive oil or mustard oil. Olive oil can be used in salads.

**Avoid butter and mayonnaise.

**Cooked Hand Cut Semai Photo: Khaled Sarkar

**Reduce the use of ghee in sweets too. Instead of sugar, you can make sweets with honey, palm sugar or brown sugar.

**Trim off as much fat as you can before cooking. The same applies even to broiler chicken meat.

**Better to cook in batter masala than powdered masala.

**Reduce the use of coriander in cooking.

**Be sure to keep raw salad with the meal.

**Do not eat too much at once. Instead, eat sparingly. Leave at least two hours between meals.

**Do not drink water while eating. Drink water or drink 15-20 minutes after eating food. If you want to drink water or drink before eating, that too 15-20 minutes before.

**Choose cotton clothes for baby’s comfort. Models: Dua, Anindya & Nafish Photo: Sabina Yasmin

**Dr. advises to dress and move while maintaining health. Shahnoor Sharmin.

**Wear comfortable clothes indoors and outdoors. Choose fabrics that allow air to flow through.

**Stay at ease by avoiding heavy makeup, heavy jewelry.

**Stay in the shade during excessive sun. Overheating increases the risk of heat stroke.

**Use sunglasses and umbrellas when going outside. Apply sunscreen regularly. You can keep a flask of water with you. It is not right to keep water in plastic containers.

**Try to wipe off sweat quickly. Change clothes when sweaty. Orsaline should be taken in addition to other drinks in case of excessive sweating.

**Dust and sand also have various health risks. So avoid dust. Wearing a mask is also a good practice.

May the festival be with everyone

Dr. gave special importance to caring for those who cook at home. Shahnoor Sharmin. Care should be taken so that they do not have to spend extra time in the kitchen or go to the kitchen repeatedly. Elderly people and children in the household can easily get sick in the heat. They should also take care of it. Help those with long-term illnesses to follow any doctor’s instructions regarding food intake and fluid intake; So that there is no mistake in taking medicine. Take care that the pets & srey animal do not suffer from the heat. Do something for the helpless people and animals too.

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