Why do cats salivate?

When we pet cats, they purr and drool a lot. This is a very common thing. However, one thing that cat lovers often notice is that they are drooling too much. Since they don’t always do it, many of us don’t know much about it. There are a few reasons why cats do this sometimes.
If there is any kind of problem in the mouth then they may drool most of the day. Especially when eating, when food falls from the mouth, etc. So we have to keep an eye on the inside of their mouth, like lifting up the lips to see if there is blood, if it is cut, etc.
Different toys, needles or strings can sometimes get stuck in their mouths. In this case try to pull it out with something gently or else take it to the vet.
Any plant other than grass is poisonous to them. What they eat can cause kidney problems, causing them to salivate through their mouths. Therefore, if it continues for a long time, a vet should be consulted.