Taking care of pets in summer

Taking car of pets in summer (Buyontheway)

A cat’s risk of heat stroke increases greatly in summer. So they need special care at this time.
food water
Cats need to drink plenty of water in summer. A water bowl should always be kept near the cat’s food area so that it can drink as much as it wants. One thing to keep in mind is that cats and dogs have sweaty feet. So if you see wet spots on your feet while walking or sitting, you will understand that a lot of water is leaving the body. That is, it needs water.
Many complain that cats eat less food during summer. It is actually normal. Studies have shown that cats eat about 15 percent less food in summer than in winter. During hot weather, cats should be fed fresh food and dry food should be avoided. Avoid dry cat food and try to feed homemade food. It is better if the amount of oil and fat in the food is less than in winter. It is better to avoid foods like biscuits, cakes. Foods rich in vitamin C such as sour yogurt can be given to reduce stress. But that is very little. 2 times a week.

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