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Why is it called Times Square?

Why is it called Times Square (Buyontheway)

See that building in the middle of the picture. The one with all the billboards and flashy signs on it? If you go to Times Square, you will see it is pretty much abandoned, even though it seems to be a really sturdy structure and not just a scaffolding. That building is where the New […]

What is Shabba Meraj and why?

What is Shabba Meraj and why (Buyontheway)

Shabe Meraj is a Persian word. Shab means night and meraj means ascent or ascension. In Arabic this night is called ‘Lailatul Meraj’ the glorious Rajni. On this night, by the command of Allah Almighty, the owner of the sovereign power of the world and the hereafter, the beloved prophet and messenger of Allah, Hazrat […]

Tilapia fish is not poisonous, but it is important to know.

A woman in the state of California lost her four limbs after eating contaminated fish – the news has been published in the country’s media. The woman’s friends said she had eaten tilapia fish that was not cooked properly. In such news, many people may think that the tilapia fish may be poisonous. This false […]

Migraine symptoms and causes, when to see a doctor.

Neurology and medicine specialist of LabAid Hospital Dr. talked to us in detail about migraine. Mansoor Ali. It is probably rare to find a person who has never had a headache in their life. Many people often suffer from headaches. Sometimes the left side of the head or the back of the head can hurt. […]

Why should you eat almonds, how much should you eat per day?

Almonds are a delicious food. As delicious as it is to eat, it also has many nutritional benefits. All types of nuts, including peanuts, cashews, cashews, pistachios, have many elements that are beneficial for the body. But like any other food, there is a certain limit to eating almonds. Eating more almonds than necessary can […]

Ajwa date relieves body fatigue

Fatigue of the body is removed immediately after eating Ajwa dates. It increases nervous energy. Rich in vitamin A, these dates are important for eyesight. Dates increase immunity in our body. Ajwa dates with high levels of sugar, calories and fat are very effective in preventing fever, urinary tract infection, venereal disease, gonorrhea, sore throat […]