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How often should dogs be bathed?

If you are a very new dog lover then surely one question may be running [...]

Some common health problems in dogs

Although their health problems depend on the breed of animal, there are some common diseases [...]

Rabbit Snuffles

Snaffle is one of the diseases that our domestic rabbits have. It is usually caused [...]

Essential nutrients for cats

Cats grow exponentially in the first few weeks of their life. Hence, they are in [...]

Why is veterinary checkup is important?

All pets, including birds, pigeons, cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, fish, etc., need checkups after certain [...]

Winter care for cats.

Winter care for cats Winter is not only a concern for us, but dogs and [...]


Care of cats in winter

Most cats prefer to sleep on people’s laps or snuggles. The main reason for this [...]


Cat Flu and It’s Symptoms:

As we human beings often get flu, our dear cats also can get attacked by [...]


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