Brit Care Monty im Living Indoor

৳ 295.00৳ 3,200.00

When I moved into my home, a new room with a cat climbing frame, numerous places to nap and plenty of toys awaited me. I welcome everyone who comes to visit me in my kingdom. However, I am not prepared to share the granules in my bowl with anyone. They are tasty and good for my digestion. Most importantly, hairballs are a thing of the past.

  My thick fur gets stuck on my tongue and then I swallow it. The combination of soluble fibres made from psyllium, beet and apple helps to dissolve any hairballs so they can easily pass through the digestive tract.
  Yucca extract boosts a healthy metabolism and makes excrement less smelly.
  The HMF complex with vitamin C prevents the formation of tartar and promotes healthy gums.
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