Smart Heart Mynah Talkative

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Smart Heart Mynah Bird Food

Talkative and Brain Nourishing Formula

Points Smart Heart® Mynah Bird Food Talkative and Brain Nourishing is a complete and nutritionally-balanced food for Mynahs, Starlings, Garrulax Chinensis, Leafbird and other related species. This food is loaded with natural ingredients such as Dried Fruits and Vegetable (Dried papaya, Dried pineapple, Dried apple, Dried banana, Dehydrated tomato), Chili powder, Ginger powder, Kariyat herb, Dried Egg Yolk, Orange Juice and Omega-3 fatty acid to strengthen your bird’s overall health, wellbeing and provided variety for your bird’s pleasure and enjoyment.

  • Brand – Smart Heart
  • Categories – Mynah Bird Food

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