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You can easily understand whether your beloved cat is healthy or sick

There are some simple things that you can easily understand if your beloved cat is healthy or sick. Be quick to spot the symptoms and always keep an eye on them to see if they are really suffering from a problem.The symptoms are:Diarrhea and vomitingDietary changesSudden weight gain or lossChange in voiceSitting alone in a […]

Why do cats spray urine?

Cats usually do this to signal their presence. They do this to scare other animals such as cats or humans into leaving their habitat. They usually want to live comfortably and peacefully, but when this is disturbed, they become very angry. But why do they do that?Both female and male cats spray their urine, but […]

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Importance of cat-proof

It is very important to cat-proof your beloved pet’s living space i.e. your house. How to make your house cat proof? Check out 9 easy ways-Protect the windows of the house.Throw sharp objects like cans in the trash.Keep sharp objects such as safety pins out of their reach.Cover the porch with a net.Keep fragile items […]

How do you know your/my puppy is healthy?

If you want to adopt a puppy for the first time, make sure that he is completely healthy. There are many ways to understand the health of a new puppy. They are discussed in detail below:Shiny and clean hair.Clean and odorless earsBright, clear eyesEager to roam around and play.Eat whole and properly instead of just […]