How do you know your/my puppy is healthy?

If you want to adopt a puppy for the first time, make sure that he is completely healthy. There are many ways to understand the health of a new puppy. They are discussed in detail below:Shiny and clean hair.Clean and odorless earsBright, clear eyesEager to roam around and play.Eat whole and properly instead of just […]

How do you know if your/my cat is happy?

If you see your cat meowing along with you, it’s a great sign. If the cat meows immediately, it is a sign that they are happy. You can easily understand how a cat is feeling by noticing some of the things a cat uses. Here we will learn about some of the habits of cats […]

Tilapia fish is not poisonous, but it is important to know.

A woman in the state of California lost her four limbs after eating contaminated fish – the news has been published in the country’s media. The woman’s friends said she had eaten tilapia fish that was not cooked properly. In such news, many people may think that the tilapia fish may be poisonous. This false […]

Feed the cat 3-4 times a day

When cats are very young i.e. babies, it is the right time for them to grow. In the first few weeks after birth, kittens grow two to three times. Moreover, kittens are very active at a very young age, love to play. However, in order for a kitten to grow, it needs the right amount […]

Migraine symptoms and causes, when to see a doctor.

Neurology and medicine specialist of LabAid Hospital Dr. talked to us in detail about migraine. Mansoor Ali. It is probably rare to find a person who has never had a headache in their life. Many people often suffer from headaches. Sometimes the left side of the head or the back of the head can hurt. […]

Why should you eat almonds, how much should you eat per day?

Almonds are a delicious food. As delicious as it is to eat, it also has many nutritional benefits. All types of nuts, including peanuts, cashews, cashews, pistachios, have many elements that are beneficial for the body. But like any other food, there is a certain limit to eating almonds. Eating more almonds than necessary can […]

Different dog breeds and their needs

For those who are true animal lovers, the breed of animal does not matter. They can love all kinds of dogs or cats. They do not want to calculate any profit or loss in this. But there are certain breeds of dogs that really know how to help people in different ways such as loving […]