Caring for a mother cat and kittens

Caring for a mother cat and kittens (Buyontheway)

When a cat gives birth to small beautiful kittens, they want a little safe place, regular food and a little love. Whether she is a stray cat or a cat at home, she needs a little extra care to raise the baby healthy. Fortunately, mother cats do not need much human help. But you must […]

Importance and rules of eradicate Tick-Flea.

Tick & Flea (Buyontheway)

There is two way of eradicate Ticks & Fleas. First: Use of Shampoo Buy Shampoo Secondly: Use of Frontline Spray Using Frontline Spray is the most effective way to eradicate Tick & Flea in cats / dogs. There are many types of powder, shampoo, spot-on flea treatment available in the market for Tick & Flea […]

What to do if a dog or cat bites and information about its treatment.

Rabis (Buyontheway)

Cats or dogs can attack people for many reasons, so the dog is not crazy or infected with rabies. Unnecessary animals should not be annoyed, killed, mother dogs should not be disturbed. Some first aid should be taken in case of accidental bite or scratch. First stop the bleeding by holding the bite site with […]

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